We aim to provide the health and well-being talks a variety of high-quality events under the Broadway to Wellness programme.

These events will include workshops, keynotes, training sessions, and relaxed networking – however we want each event to bring concrete added value to the workforce.

In July, we have already hosted four Health Talks events on the Broadway project.

The first talk was about Prostate Cancer with Michelle French who volunteers to Prostate Cancer UK charity. Followed by Ovarian Cancer with John Lyn. We also had a workshop on Dust Masks and Safety Glasses hosted by Danny Bar of GVS. And to end the month of July, we also welcomed The Boobetts for a talk about breast cancer.

By working together, we aim to be the leading ‘health and wellbeing on site’ within our company’s projects. This cooperation started from Mental Health Awareness week, and we are pleased it is an ongoing programme of activities.