It’s natural that the first thing anyone thinks to donate to a food bank is food but toiletries and hygiene products are also extremely important.

We all have to make choices, but those faced by people living in poverty can be incredibly hard. Regularly people in this position would choose to eat rather than stay clean; the other essentials – toothbrushes, soap, etc. can gradually slip out of reach.

Women and men who struggle to maintain a basic level of hygiene often find their confidence and self-esteem suffer as a result. They are unable to make themselves presentable for job interviews or work shifts.

We felt no one should have to face these circumstances. Therefore we arranged a month of toiletries collections at The Broadway Project to support Westminster Chapel.

Westminster Chapel provide free food, clothing, toiletries to those who live on incomes below the poverty line. “Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and use our services for a number of different reasons. We provide support parcels to clients living within the borough of Westminster.”

Generous members of the workforce on site, subcontractors and office staff donated hundreds of items from deodorants, shampoos, shower gel, razors, toilet papers, kitchen towels, conditioners, moisturisers, etc.

Following the toiletries donation Broadway team is now planning the next collection of food to a charity which is yet to be confirmed.