Our local Food banks are more desperate than ever for donations.

As the health crisis peaked, so did donations. The uncomfortable news, however, as the number of Covid-19 cases declined from April onwards, an increase in need of support has swiftly developed alongside a drop in donations.

In fact, as time goes on – and as donations declined – the number of people needing help from food banks has actually increased.

We, at the Broadway Project, arranged a campaign to support Westminster Chapel. We have previously donated food, toiletries and household items. We appreciate the work that they do for families in need within Westminster area and could not ignore their call for help.

Westminster Chapel provide free food, clothing, toiletries to those who live on incomes below the poverty line. “Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and use our services for a number of different reasons. We provide support parcels to clients living within the borough of Westminster. ”

Generous members of the workforce on site, subcontractors and office staff donated 178 items from food cans such as tuna, beans, soup, tomato sauce, jam, rice pudding, and toiletries: deodorants, shower gel, shaving cream, toilet papers, etc.